PTA Officers

The PTA Officers are elected by the membership and are all here to serve you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these ladies if you have questions or need help getting plugged into PTA. 

Amanda Hall

Responsible for presiding over all meetings of the association and coordinating the work of the officers and committee chairs.

Amanda moved to Bridlewood in July of 2016 with her husband, Michael, and her two boys, Stephen and Andrew.  Her boys both attend Bridlewood and between carting them from sport to sport, she finds time to work part time and do all things PTA.  Amanda claims to be an antiquing junkie and has been to the Round Top Antique Show 15 years in a row, staying in the same farm house each visit.  Her husband always fears those trips for many reasons, not least of which being the many metal flowers that will make their way to his home.  

Jennifer Brown
1st VP - Ways & Means

Responsible for coordinating and reporting on all active (sales) and passive (non-sales) fundraising

Jennifer and her family moved to Bridlewood in 2013.  She has two boys at Bridlewood Elementary.  She and her husband, James, are small business owners in Flower Mound and are active in the community and youth sports.  A little known fact about Jennifer is that she grew up all over the world and lived in Norway, England, France, and Australia. She is also bilingual in French and English and claims French, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian heritage!

Kristi David
2nd VP - Membership

Responsible for recruiting and compiling/maintaining an accurate list of all PTA members. 

Kristi and her husband, Ameri, moved to Flower Mound from California in 2012. They met at BYU in the early 2000’s and have had fun blending two very different cultures together (Kristi is from Montana and Ameri from Tahiti). They have 3 dancing daughters –  one a sophomore at Marcus, one a 7th grader at Downing, and one a 3rd grader at Bridlewood. One fun fact about Kristi is that she loves to make people laugh, and while she was at BYU she moonlighted as an improv comedian.

Amanda Bodine
3rd VP - Communications

Responsible for overseeing all communications on behalf of the PTA across various platforms.

Amanda and her husband, Clint, are native Dentonites with a 10-year stint in Austin before moving to Flower Mound in June of 2017.  They have three boys, Jackson (6th grade), Brady (3rd grade), and Cooper (1st grade). Something most people don’t know about Amanda is that she is a seamstress and loves to sew. While living in Austin, she ran an in-home sewing business called Sew Be It Boutique and still enjoys making fun things for her kids and friends. 

Kathleen Cervenka
4th VP - Programs

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over programs for the students at Bridlewood. 

Kathleen and her husband, Jonathan, have two kids, Jillian (3rd grade) and Oliver (1st grade).  They moved to Bridlewood in 2016 and are active members at Flower Mound United Methodist Church.  Some people might not know that Kathleen was a drum major in high school and traveled with her high school and college bands to perform in many places, including Japan, Germany and Austria.  

Brandy Miranda
5th VP - Enrichment

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over the enrichment programs at Bridlewood.  

Brandy and her family started their journey with LISD over 10 years ago, and she has filled many roles on various boards during that time. She currently has a 2nd and 4th grader enrolled at Bridewood. Brandy is an avid reader, loves to travel and has two young boxers that keep her busy.

Kristen Skistimas

Responsible for keeping accurate records at all Bridlewood PTA proceedings. 

Kristen and her husband, Craig, live in Double Oak with their two beautiful girls in kindergarten and 3rd grade at Bridlewood.  Kristen loves to bake, and you can almost always find a fresh baked treat in her house!

Kylene Seele

The treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds for the Bridlewood PTA. 

Kylene and her husband have three children, one at Bridlewood, one at Downing, and one at Marcus. They have lived in Flower Mound for 7 years and are members of The Village Church. Something that most people do not know about Kylene is that she was raised on a peanut farm!