PTA Officers

The PTA Officers are elected by the membership and are all here to serve you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these individuals if you have questions or need help getting plugged into PTA. 

Deirdre Parry

Responsible for presiding over all meetings of the association and coordinating the work of the officers and committee chairs.

Deirdre and her husband, Randy, have three children, Charlie (4th grade), Elizabeth (2nd grade), and Magnolia (Kinder).  They moved to Flower Mound 7 years ago from Maryland. Most weekends they can be found on the baseball field. In her pre-kid life, she worked for a subsidiary of the Washington Post. She continues to do freelance work for newspapers across the country. Deirdre enjoys serving the Bridlewood school community.

Meredith Mullikin
1st VP - Ways & Means

Responsible for coordinating and reporting on all active (sales) and passive (non-sales) fundraising

Meredith and her husband, Chris, are Texas born and breed. They met working together at CVS, where Meredith was a Pharmacy Technician while attending college at UNT; perusing her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. After graduation, Meredith taught Kindergarten, first, second grades in LISD. Meredith and Chris have two ginger-haired children, Townes and Teagan. Teagan is going into third grade and Townes is starting his inaugural year in middle school. 

Kristie DeMaria
2nd VP - Membership

Responsible for recruiting and compiling/maintaining an accurate list of all PTA members. 


Lisa Murphy
3rd VP - Communications

Responsible for overseeing all communications on behalf of the PTA across various platforms.

Lisa and her husband, Jake, moved to Texas in 2013 and they have two children. Nolan is a third grader, and Lilah is in first this year. Lisa grew up in upstate New York, and while she loves to go home to visit, she doesn’t miss the New York winters.  Before becoming a mom, Lisa worked in the non-profit world serving military families, and has a background in elementary and literacy education. This is Lisa’s second year on the PTA board and she loves being involved in serving such a wonderful school community.

Laura Wickham
4th VP - Programs

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over programs for the students at Bridlewood. 

Laura and her husband, Jeff, moved to Texas 12 years ago after 13 previous moves. They met on their college ballroom dance team but have a hard time finding the time to dance during this season of their lives. Laura still stays on her toes with her three boys, David (11), Matthew (9), and Anderson (5). Before having kids, Laura taught middle school ESL and 5th grade. Currently, she is a fitness instructor and happy to serve our wonderful Bridlewood kids!

5th VP - Enrichment

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over the enrichment programs at Bridlewood.  


Lorrie Rich

Responsible for keeping accurate records at all Bridlewood PTA proceedings. 


Kristofer Neyens

The treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds for the Bridlewood PTA. 

Kristofer with his wife Kristin have one child, Steven (3rd grade). Kristofer is a CPA currently working for PwC. He is also the 3rd grade Den 2 leader for our Bridlewood Cub Scouts in Pack 1. He and Kristin moved to Highland Village in 2012 after spending years living in their home state of Iowa. When he’s not spending time at Cub Scouts or sports Kristofer and his family enjoys spending time on their ranch where Steven digs holes, Kristofer enjoys riding on the tractor and fixing fences while Kristin enjoys the sunsets.