PTA Officers

The PTA Officers are elected by the membership and are all here to serve you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these ladies if you have questions or need help getting plugged into PTA. 

Amanda Bodine

Responsible for presiding over all meetings of the association and coordinating the work of the officers and committee chairs.

Amanda and her husband, Clint, are native Dentonites with a 10-year stint in Austin before moving to Flower Mound in June of 2017.  They have three boys, Jackson (7th grade), Brady (4th grade), and Cooper (2nd grade). Something most people don’t know about Amanda is that she is a seamstress and loves to sew. While living in Austin, she ran an in-home sewing business called Sew Be It Boutique and still enjoys making fun things for her kids and friends. 

Jennifer Brown
1st VP - Ways & Means

Responsible for coordinating and reporting on all active (sales) and passive (non-sales) fundraising

Jennifer and her family moved to Bridlewood in 2013.  She has two boys at Bridlewood Elementary.  She and her husband, James, are small business owners in Flower Mound and are active in the community and youth sports.  A little known fact about Jennifer is that she grew up all over the world and lived in Norway, England, France, and Australia. She is also bilingual in French and English and claims French, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian heritage!

Ashley Dement
2nd VP - Membership

Responsible for recruiting and compiling/maintaining an accurate list of all PTA members. 

Ashley and her husband, Tim, moved to Double Oak in 2015. They have one daughter, Mia, in the 4th grade at Bridlewood.  Ashley is originally from Arkansas and moved to Texas in 2004 via Pennsylvania. Something that many people don’t know about Ashley is that, pre-kid, she ran her own painting business specializing in decorative finishes on walls and cabinets, including murals.

Kristen Seideman
3rd VP - Communications

Responsible for overseeing all communications on behalf of the PTA across various platforms.

Kristen and her husband, Jake, moved to Flower Mound in 2017. They have two kiddos and a Sheepadoodle named Buddy. Their son, Ellis, is a fifth-grader, and their daughter, Brynlee, is a second-grader. Baseball keeps the family busy but, they often travel to support their beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders. A fun fact about Kristen is her parents own an exotic animal farm. She grew up with camels, buffalo, watusi, longhorns, Scottish highlanders, and countless others.

Kathleen Cervenka
4th VP - Programs

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over programs for the students at Bridlewood. 

Kathleen and her husband, Jonathan, have two kids, Jillian (4th grade) and Oliver (2nd grade).  They moved to Bridlewood in 2016 and are active members at Flower Mound United Methodist Church.  Some people might not know that Kathleen was a drum major in high school and traveled with her high school and college bands to perform in many places, including Japan, Germany and Austria.  

Denise Schottenstein
5th VP - Enrichment

Responsible for coordinating and presiding over the enrichment programs at Bridlewood.  

Denise and her husband, Noah, are native Ohioans. They moved to Flower Mound in 2016 after living in the Washington, DC area for over a decade. They have five children, Clara (8th grade), Callum (4th grade), Camilla (2nd grade), Cole (3), and Caleb (1). In her former life, Denise was a college professor and taught a variety of courses in the subjects of Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, and Comparative Religion.

Deirdre Parry

Responsible for keeping accurate records at all Bridlewood PTA proceedings. 

Deirdre and her husband, Randy, have three children, Charlie (2nd grade), Ellie (Kindergarten), and Maggie (preschool).  They moved to Flower Mound in 2016 and are active members at Trietsch.  She fills her time shleping kids to sports, volunteering at school and substitute teaching.  Some people might not know that Deirdre used to make quilts with her grandmother.  All the beds in their home have a homemade quilt. Back in her pre kid life, she would make baby quilts as shower gifts for friends.

Kylene Seele

The treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds for the Bridlewood PTA. 

Kylene and her husband have three children, one at Bridlewood, one at Downing, and one at Marcus. They have lived in Flower Mound for 7 years and are members of The Village Church. Something that most people do not know about Kylene is that she was raised on a peanut farm!